Backyard Jungle

I live in the largest housing project west of the Mississippi, a plot of row-houses and high-rises between West Hollywood and the Miracle Mile. Park LaBrea is a model of a path not taken in urban development the houses, winding streets and green acres surrounded but some of the densest development in the city, the […]

Sunnys Place

Writing a serious book review is a lot of work and a lousy way to make money. Ill review books that are assigned to me but I almost never pitch reviews it takes too much time and most of the books I love were published a long time ago by people now dead. Tim Sultans […]

Coney Island Review

I wrote a long review for the London Times Literary Supplement (TLS) on Coney Island. Heres the first sentence: For Rem Koolhaas, Coney Island was the pleasure point (“a clitoral appendage at the mouth of New York’s natural harbor”), laboratory and staging ground for Manhattan’s ascension into the twentieth century. When I thought about New […]

The Girls Next Door

Three girls (7,5,2) live in the small apartment building next to my house. Luisa, the oldest, is solidly built, with dark curly hair. Shes particularly interested in details how old I am, how many brothers and sisters, the make of our cars; Alana, the middle girl, is slender and fey with dark wavy hair halfway […]