After using several other brands of rice cookers and always having to clear the air of scorched rice afterward, my husband came home with the Aroma ARC-1000 Professional Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. Not a hint of scorch has assaulted my kitchen since.
The Aroma ARC-1000 makes up to 20 cups of restaurant-quality rice, working well with white and brown rice. It has Sensor Logic technology which automatically adjusts to give you the best quality rice possible. It also has water reservoir channels to reduce unwanted condensation. This rice cooker was recommended by the experts at

Small amounts of white rice take approximately 30 minutes to cook and the maximum 20 cups takes approximately 48 minutes. Brown rice takes much longer. You can use the Quick Rice function, which eliminates the soaking cycle, but be forewarned that the rice may not taste as good as rice cooked using the recommended method. We’ve done both; and while each method is fine, the regular cooking cycle does produce a better finished dish.

The instruction book is easy to read and understand. It offers basic need-to know information to help you make the best rice possible. Before cooking the rice, the manufacturer recommends rinsing the rice to remove excess starch and bran. This will reduce the amount of rice sticking to the bottom. Applying cooking spray to the bottom of the inner pot is sometimes helpful. Some rices are stickier than other so you might need to experiment until you find a rice that pleases your palate. We tried three different rices before agreeing on one we both liked. I like fluffy and he likes sticky so a compromise was needed.

This Aroma model also features a delay timer which enables you can program the appliance to start cooking at a certain time. This nice feature means you can have perfect hot rice waiting for you when you get home from work. It is also possible to cook rice and steam vegetables or meat at the same time. This is a super convenient feature when time is at a premium; your dinner will be ready at the same time, cooked in the same pot, with less to clean.

The term “rice cooker” for this kitchem gem is not truly accurate. This versatile appliance also steams vegetables or meat in a separate tray that sits elevated above the inner liner. In addition, the rice cooker can be used to make soups, stews, oatmeal and more. The appliance comes with a great recipe book to charge those creative juices. Also included is the measuring cup, serving spatula and steaming tray.

We found this appliance to be easy to use and clean, both important in our busy lives. And after several months of use we are still pleased with the results.

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