Entasis Wants You!

After an extended hiatus, my journal Entasis is back on that road paved with good intentions and in search of material. Below is our call for submissions, scribed by my new co-editor, a woman who banters like Rosalind Russell in The Front Page.


Remember when there used to be a self? Emerson and his “transparent eyeball” didn’t have to worry about Twitter feeds. Instagram addicts or not, we’re all endlessly screened from what is by filters conscious or sub- or un; filters that keep stuff from going out or from coming in; filters that, sure, can purify the “currents of the Universal Being” or add Sriracha to our exes’ 2am texts.

And at some point, don’t we have to ask—forgive us, RWE—what’s more “transcendental” than experience that can be captured, framed, stored, cut, filtered, captioned, and carefully distributed, where moment becomes process becomes net personality, where artistic unity equals individual whim?

For our fourth issue, Entasis welcomes pieces that grapple with the idea of “#NoFilter.” Possible topics include: problems of authenticity and inauthenticity (and the paradox of having to advertise one’s authenticity); the “filtered” forbidden and/or its exposure; the possibility of experience that is “more real” than reality; refusing to take for granted the “natural”/normal; the relation of reality to experience; self-representation; censorship; the DIY-type aesthetic (versus?). Help us keep it real and cleanse the doors.

We’re now accepting submissions in the following genres in addition to fiction, poetry, creative or journalistic nonfiction, art, and photography:flash fiction, prose poetry, digital art, sound art, and aloud pieces/interviews. Send your work to [email protected] (go to http://www.entasisjournal.com/submissions for submission details) by Feb.14.