Beauty and Truth

‘The ardor aroused in men by the beauty of women can only be satisfied by God.’
                                                              – Paul Valery

I don’t think, though, that men are going to stop trying to satisfy it through women anytime soon.

Irish Philosophy

I just a got bunch of boxing books to review, including a bio called SWEET WILLIAM, the Life of Billy Conn. Conn was a light-heavyweight who was easily beating Joe Louis for the heavyweight championship. He was so far ahead on points, all he had to do was stay away from him for the last three rounds. Instead he tried to knock Louis out. Louis knocked him out in the 13th.
When a reporter asked him why he didn’t play defense and get the easy victory, Conn replied: ‘What’s the sense in being Irish if you can’t be dumb?’

Beer Plugs

Beer plugs are the auditory equivalent of beer goggles. When you’re wearing them, everything that you and your fellow partiers say sounds brilliant, fascinating, and charming. To someone who left his beer goggles at home, you all just sound like a bunch of drunken idiots.

Note: A friend and I came up with this term last year or the year before. I found the term on someone else’s blog from 2006, but he was referring to the volume of drunken conversation. I prefer the definition above but of course, I invented it.