Human Growth Hormone and You

The recent sports scandals regarding HGH and steroids reveal the hypocrisy of the media as much as they do anything else. Of course, you would take HGH to speed recovery time from an injury if you were a professional athlete with millions of dollars on the line. It was only banned from baseball in 2005 and it’s still impossible to detect with tests.

As a (very small-time) athlete myself, I noticed that the first signs of aging were in my recovery from injuries. By my late twenties, aches and strains that I wouldn’t have felt the morning after at 21 lasted for days. As I’ve gotten older, it has only gotten worse. Yet most of my other abilities – speed, strength – are practically the same. So if the only difference between me getting a big contract was dosing myself with HGH, hell yes I’d do it. I’d take the stuff now if someone gave it to me; side effects are minor and my back and feet are really bothering me.

Steroid? A slightly different story. I don’t need to look like an action figure.

Romantic vs. Classical

Going through an extended, painful breakup with my girlfriend of the last seven years, I realize that my reactions to this particular kind of suffering have changed. In my twenties, I’d find comfort in poetry and music that expressed that pain. I’d sing along to Otis Redding’s ‘These Arms of Mine’ and listen to the same Roy Orbison song ten times in a row. I’d read Yeats and moan. Now the last thing I want is to embrace that pain, cathartic as such an action may be. Since every minute of the day is soundless blues, I want peace and calm. I listen to the Modern Jazz Quartet and Bach. I read the contemplative words of Montaigne. I want to give order to the chaos of pain. At forty-one, emotional pain is no longer a novelty.

Why I love Science, and News Writers

[From an article on why more people get the flu in winter].

The ideal study would expose people to the virus under different conditions and ask how likely they were to become infected. Such a study, Dr. Palese said, would not be permitted because there would be no benefit to the individuals.

There were no suitable test animals. Mice can be infected with the influenza virus but do not transmit it. Ferrets can be infected and transmit the virus, but they are somewhat large, they bite and they are expensive, so researchers would rather not work with them.