Richard Dawkins on Religion

I never understood the attraction of Richard Dawkins – from the two books of his I read, it just seemed like he took one idea and beat you over the head with it for hundreds of pages.  Granted, it was a good idea, but I found him a crude thinker.  But friends of mine – some of the only friends I have who actually read – kept giving me his books and telling me how great he was.

When his book on religion came out, I wasn’t surprised.  All of his worst faults were on display.  Yet some of the same friends rushed to defend it. 

Here’s a critique of the book by Terry Eagelton.  He’s as much of an atheist as Dawkins but a far more interesting mind.  From my favorite publication, The London Review of Books.

Hell = Les Rock

Turned on PBS at three a.m. for something to watch while doing sit-ups and there it was, a Who concert, filmed sometime in the last decade, Daltrey looking surprisingly muscular and hale, Daltrey and Entwhistle just looking like old men.

There was something horrifying about seeing them perform.  Not the fact that they were old but the fact that they were doing the same schtick, playing the same chords on the same songs that they’ve performed in thousands of arenas, tens of thousands of times before.  It was a vision of hell.