Tough Guys

“These men in New York are the brawlers, fighters and “pugilists”–for
we are told by one witness that there is a great distinction between
the two latter. They train themselves to batter each other at a few
dollars a head; they lead the rows and brawls at elections and on
race-courses; they go armed each night with revolvers and knives, and
when the devil of liquor is in them, they commit the murders and the
brutal acts of violence which stain our City’s Police record. Almost
every one of them is marked by these hideous quarrels;–his nose broken
or his ear bitten off, or his body marred by the scars of bullet or
knife-gash. They are gamblers; they throw the dice, or shuffle the
cards, or push the billiard-ball, the whole night long. They cheat as
well as stake, and live on the pickings of young gentlemen of means,
who fall into their vulterous claws. They take no note of time–for
their day is in the night; and they are wild in riot or plunder while
other men sleep.”

Castillo-Corrales II

4th Round KO by Castillo. Brings up the other side of a fighter coming
in heavy: he’s carrying too much muscle to make weight. Reports that he
weighed in 147 and Corrales 149 day of fight raises some interesting
issues: Did Corrales weaken himself more by dehydrating so much? Did
the fact that Corrales COULD lose the weight mean he was the smaller
man to begin with? Reports from the fight (which I haven’t seen) say
that Castillo’s punches looked a lot more powerful than Corrales’,
something not noticeable in the first fight.

Of course, Castillo could simply have been the better man.  With the controversy, though, we’ll never know.

And imagine how dehydrated and starved Corrales must have been to gain fourteen pounds in one day!