Why Beth Is My Hero

Here’s an excerpt of a note she sent me. This stuff just pours out of her.

“I can’t believe it’s now the “in” style to wear your collar up like preps did in the 80′s. “hipsters” are now “prepsters” and they wear penny loafers with no socks and V-neck sweaters. It’s really unappealing and zaps any male sexuality left in these fucking pathetic faggots. Can’t men just work out with dumbells and grab their girlfriends asses and stop reading fucking fashion magazines???

On a lighter note, I rented the “NICO, ICON” documentary. Nico was one weird chick. If she wasn’t beautiful she would’ve been on food stamps her entire life. At the end of her life she had rotten teeth and track lines covering her entire arms. People would say to her “Nico, you’re not pretty anymore”, and she would laugh.”

Les Neiges D’Antan

At my parent’s I’ve been rereading the books I loved as an adolescent – mostly SF and fantasy paperbacks of 50s-70s, books that made me the nerd I am today (I am weighted by three large libraries in three different cities). The real surprise is Jack Vance. The humor and irony are at a very high level, the prose is charming, and the imaginary worlds are rich and unusual. He wrote somewhere in the vicinity of ninety novels and they’re always interesting. It’s strange that most of the better SF writers never get a reputation on level with their accomplishments. Someone like Ross MacDonald in mystery is certainly not as talented, but much more highly regarded. SF still a slum genre in many ways.

Another End to Williamsburg

I thought Bburg was ending five years ago when I could walk down the street and see a new business being opened in every storefront. Turns out that was only the beginning. Now the neighborhood is all construction pits and steel girders. One of those business that was new five years ago, the Yabby Bar, opened in an abandoned garage, has now given way to a big hole in the ground. Unbridled capitalism is something to see. My only hope is for a quick collapse of the real-estate market.