Update from my friend at the brothel

Last Sunday there was a bachelor party that consisted of five young, good-looking white guys. After driving eight long hours from Southern California, the boys arrived sober at 7pm and by 10:30 they had spent  $6,920 in hooker fees and run up a $200 bar bill . The groom had sex with three different women in a period of two hours. While  the guys were hanging out in the parlor, downing shots of Maker?s Mark ,I started small talk and asked what they thought of the groom’s bride-to-be.
SHE DON’T LIKE TO FUCK! screamed one of the men, loud enough so that the groom (who had now been in Layla’s bedroom for over an hour) could hear. Other than the bride not liking to fuck, I also learned that she was 27, a student at UC San Diego, and under the impression that her fiance and friends had driven to Vegas so they could bet on the Superbowl. Before heading out the door, the groom requested one last line-up. For his last screw before matrimony (his wedding was less than a week away), he chose 68 year old Cheyenne. Cheyenne shifted her bi-focals, straightened her surgical panty hose,and escorted her date into her bedroom.  Before taking herself off the floor later that night, her parting words were: ‘God I miss young cock. I swear, after their thirties, men start to taste like piss.’

Suggestions for Best Seller (from Nadia Lesy)

Keepin’ it Real in the Peruvian Jungles.
Robert witnesses the secret sex orgies between exotic “jungle women” and members of his expedition. Peruvian gurus swear these orgies are the key to eternal life. Many suprise appearances made by celebrities like Britney Spears and the Hilton sisters. They are, apparently, members of this secret, yet powerful cult…

Bad Boys Get Spanked

In the first ten pages of Rousseau’s ‘Confessions’, he relates his first erotic experiences: two spankings from his aunt at the age of eight. The aunt realizes that the spankings aren’t serving their purpose and never gives the disappointed lad another. She also moves the mini-degenerate into a separate bedroom; previously, he’d been sleeping in hers. Rousseau then goes on to reveal how these events distorted his sexual development. Endowed with a passionate nature, he fell in love with many women, but in his mind their faces would morph into that of his aunt, and he would want to be spanked. It made him passive and kept him a virgin into his twenties.

This was written more than a century before Freud.

From what I’ve seen so far, The Confessions also seem to have had an important influence on Sarte’s ‘Les Mots’, the greatest piece of autobiographical writing I have ever read (no spanking though). This insight would probably not be particularly surprising to the French. One gets the idea that they have had Rousseau dribbled down their throats from an early age.